“Maria has prepared thorough, accurate indexes for Oxford’s Higher Education division for more than eight years. Ranging across disciplines from English grammar and interpersonal communication to physical geography and engineering, she is versatile and adaptable, accommodating rush jobs and overlapping projects, not to mention our unique editorial guidelines, always with grace and good humour. Maria’s work reflects her careful, intelligent approach, and she has never missed an agreed-upon deadline. I commend her without reservation.” E. Sinkins

“I commend her without reservation”

“Recently, I’ve been working closely with Maria and would highly recommend her for her detailed and effective editing and writing skills. She is a talented author and can adapt her style as needed, whether it be for technical, corporate, or creative writing. She uses language skillfully, gives valuable feedback, and is committed to a high-quality end result. I have benefitted countless times from Maria’s insight.” A. Montgomery

“Committed to a high-quality end result”

“I had the opportunity to participate in several communications projects managed by Maria. I always found Maria to be very thorough and organized and appreciated her thoughtful approach to communications planning. Maria is a very detailed communicator who I still turn to as a resource for expert writing tips and advice.” M. Doutre

“A resource for expert writing tips and advice”

“For four years, I had the privilege of working closely with Maria on numerous communications projects, including development of print materials, ongoing communications plans and implementing a new social media policy. During the time that I worked with Maria, she proved to be a passionate and gifted writer as well as an exceptional communications professional with an excellent eye for detail. Working with Maria is always a pleasure; if you want to make your words work for you, I highly recommend connecting with Maria.” D. Scott

“A passionate and gifted writer”

“I discovered Maria via Editors Canada, and she provided editorial support for a report in community-based research. I found her services to be professional, on time, under budget and flexible. We completed our work virtually and seamlessly; I recommend Maria’s services without hesitation.” C. Costom

“Professional, on time, under budget and flexible”